Alexandra James is a Sydney-based mixed media artist, working mainly in the realm of sculpture. James is a recent graduate of the National Art School, Sydney, having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in sculpture in 2022. James’ practice focuses on craft techniques, utilizing recycled materials and unlikely objects. Her works transform everyday items, into unique works, channeling her love for tinkering and an aesthetic ornamental appeal.
The work of Alexandra James explores the complex relationship between art and craft, placing importance on craft practices and kitsch aesthetics. James’ practice combines arbitrary everyday materials, turning them into peculiar objects. James’s works often hold links to her former sense of self and her own past histories, with her practice heavily linking to her childhood and her love of making. She often reprocesses objects she has on hand, regularly employing the use of tactile elements within her works, as a way to implement sculptural concepts. James views the creation of her works as a vessel of herself, not as an artist but as a person.
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